Beagle Aggression

Beagles are very rarely aggressive.  But, like all dogs, under certain circumstances your beagle may act aggressively. beagle aggression

What Causes Beagle Aggression?

The following are the main causes of beagle aggression:

  • Mistreatment: It is important to never mistreat your beagle.  You need to be firm but never physically hurt your beagle or yell at them as a form of punishment.  If you do this they will become scared and this can lead to beagle aggression.  Instead show your beagle you are the alpha leader and in charge of our home by using calm and confident methods.  By doing this instead of yelling or hitting, it will lead your beagle to respect you and they won’t become aggressive.
  • Lack of Socializing: The most important thing you can do for your beagle is introducing it to lots of other dogs, animals, adults and children when they are a puppy.  If you don’t do this they may become frightened when they do come across people and animals they aren’t used to.  And, if they do get frightened and don’t know how to act, then this could lead to beagle aggression.

Handling Beagle Aggression

If your beagle does become aggressive there are a number of things you can do.  Read on to find out more:

  • Take control: The first thing you need to do is to take control of your home.  You need to set limitations for your beagle.   Firstly, take control of your space.  If you don’t want your beagle in a certain room such as on your bed or on the sofa then don’t let them.  Secondly have control of your beagles feeding times.  Have set times so they don’t develop aggression over food.

  • Beagle aggression towards other animals: Do not overreact when your beagle is aggressive to other animals.  Stay calm and separate the animals if it is safe.  Do not give your beagle attention afterwards.  Instead take them away from the incident and establish your dominance so they know the aggression was bad.  But remember never yell or use physical punishment.
  • Beagle aggression towards people: If your beagle is aggressive towards a person, especially children then you need to get help from a professional immediately.  You need to do this as soon as possible for the safety of the people around you.

A Happy and Healthy Beagle

It is important to never act scared around your beagle as they will sense your mood, and your alpha leader position will be jeopardized.  The important thing is to always stay calm and confident around your beagle so they know you are the leader.  This will also show your beagle you are the protector and they have nothing to worry about, lessening the chance of beagle aggression.   Beagle aggression is very rare but if you do come across it follow the steps in this article to help you overcome it.  If you do this, your beagle will become a happy, healthy and calm member of your family!

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