Beagle Biting

It’s not a nice thing when your beagle bites, so it’s important to control it as soon as it starts.  Luckily, we’re here to help – read on to find out how to stop your beagle biting!

A lot of beagle owners are not sure on how to control biting.  It can be hard to decide what the best method to use is.  You may see your beagle puppy biting as just a playful thing, but if it is left uncontrolled it can get worse when they are older.  It is important to take the methods to stop it straight away so no harm can come to your family.  Read on to find out the best ways to stop your beagle biting.

How to Stop Your Beagle Biting at the Puppy Stage

The best time to start training your beagle to stop biting is when they are a puppy.  When your beagle is a puppy they will playfully bite you.  Even though it may seem like fun, it is still important to stop this biting behavior.   A young puppy is much easier to teach as they are still in their learning years and they will take it aboard more easily.  If you wait, it will just get more and more difficult to teach them that biting is not okay.   So as soon as your beagle puppy starts biting take the steps straight away to control them!

You may think your beagle puppy is just playing and doesn’t want to cause harm but beagles use teeth to show dominance.  So when they bite they are actually trying to find their ranking in your pact (your family).  You need to be the alpha leader in your pack so your beagle will learn to listen to you.  You need to show your beagle that you are in charge and that biting is not allowed.

Luckily there are a number of different ways you can stop your beagle puppy biting.  These methods are similar to the way your puppy would be treated within its own family (mother and brother and sisters in their litter).  So, if your beagle puppy bites use these following tips to stop them:

  • Make a whining noise when they bite you
  • Give your beagle puppy a toy instead of your hand
  • Give your puppy a soft pinch on the neck (not to hard!)

These are all great methods to use on your beagle puppy.  And if you use these methods as soon as they start biting they will soon learn it is not acceptable behavior.

However, if you use these methods and your beagle puppy still continues to bite, then you need to consider bringing in a trainer or taking your puppy to an obedience class.

Stopping Your Beagle Biting at One Year

If you don’t control your puppy and continue to let them bite you are showing them that they are the alpha leader of your home.  The following are number of methods you can use if your beagle is still biting at one year:

  • Stop playing games which encourage biting including tug of war and play fighting
  • Stop letting your beagle be the alpha leader of the house – introduce a crate or take steps to show your beagle that you are the alpha leader, not them
  • Take your beagle to an obedience class where they focus on beagles biting

Stopping Your Beagle Biting as They Get Older

If can lead to serious problems if your beagle is still biting as they get older.  Your beagle sees himself as the alpha leader of your pact and therefore thinks it is okay to bite.  It is important to get help to stop this immediately so you know no harm can come to your family.  Hire a dog trainer who can come to your home and teach you the methods to stop your beagle biting.  You must do this as if your beagle continues to bite it could turn in to more serious aggression.  So if your beagle is still biting as they get older, it needs to be sorted as soon as possible.

So remember, start training your beagle not to bite from when they are a puppy.  If you let it get out of control and they continue to bite as they get older it could cause serious problems in your household.  So start training your beagle puppy not to bite today!  And remember, if your beagle is still biting at an older age – enlist someone to help.  Your household and beagle will much happier!

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