Beagle Chewing

Do you have a problem with your beagle chewing?  Is the saying “oh no, the beagle’s chewing my good shoe!” familiar in your house?  Never fear, we are here to help you with tips on how to stop your beagle chewing!

Firstly you should note that chewing is a normal behavior for a beagle puppy.  They chew for a numbers of reasons – because they are teething or perhaps just bored.  You cannot stop a beagle chewing altogether but you can redirect them to chew appropriate things.  The way to do this is by giving your beagle enough things to do so that it won’t be tempted to chew on your beautiful mat, shoes or pillows!

Why You Need to Stop Your Beagle Puppy Chewing

Many people think that a beagle puppy should be allowed to chew as it’s in their nature.  Or instead, they get angry at their puppy and tell them off for their chewing.  The best thing to do should be finding a place somewhere in the middle – a place where you teach your beagle that chewing on your positions is bad but chewing on certain items is okay.

Stopping Your Beagle Chewing

There are a number of ways you can stop your beagle chewing.  If you get angry about their chewing it is important not to yell at your puppy.  Never, ever hit them.  It will puzzle them and they won’t know what they have done to upset you.  Instead use the following methods.

  • beagle chewingAdjust your beagle’s behavior: Don’t completely try and stop your beagle puppy from chewing.  Instead, educate them to only chew on suitable things.  If you see your beagle chewing on your shoe, find your puppy’s toy and then swap your shoe with their toy.  Once your beagle is happily chewing on their own toy you can show praise.  This shows your beagle that the new toy is good and your shoe wasn’t.
  • Make sure you keep your beagle puppy busy: The best way to stop your beagle chewing is by making sure they always have something to do.  Beagle puppies chew to keep themselves occupied.  You can change this behavior by taking your beagle for lots of walks and playing with them in your backyard or living room.  If you go out at any stage and leave your beagle at home, make sure they have plenty of toys to keep them on the go.
  • Beagle crate training: If your beagle puppy still chews on things when you are away from the house, you could think about introducing a crate.  If you’re not sure about a crate, you could always keep your beagle in just one room – such as the laundry or living room when you are out.  But remember to leave lots of toys!

You Need to Be Consistent!

To keep your beagle puppy from chewing you have to be consistent!  You need to set up rules and follow them.  Do not give your beagle puppy an old shoe to chew on if you don’t want them chewing on your good shoes.  You need to be consistent with what they can chew and what they can’t.  If you stay consistent your puppy will quickly learn the rules and there chewing should start become less of a problem.

Remember, you can’t stop your beagle chewing altogether but you can control what they chew.  If you follow the methods in this article and you should soon be able to see improvements in your beagles chewing behavior!

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