Beagle Dog Training Tips

Read on to find some excellent beagle dog training tips!

beagle dog training
When looking for beagle dog training tips it’s important to know where to start.  You need to find out what your beagle needs to learn and then find out how the ways you can accomplish this.  Although beagles are very smart dogs, we often assume they are more intelligent than they really are.  In reality, all it is, is your beagle simply reacting to you – your beagle wants to be part of your family or pack.  But we need to remember beagles are still an animal with animal instincts.

So instead of yelling or getting angry at your beagle for bad behavior, it is best to focus on changing how they express those instincts.

Core Beagle Dog Training Tips

The following beagle dog training tips are a number of simple things that every beagle owner should take into consideration when training.  These tips will make your beagle dog training a lot easier!

  • Crate Training: By introducing a crate to your beagle you are providing it with a home to call its own.  It is important to never use this crate as a punishment tool.  It is also important to spend time at home with your beagle when he is in his crate.  This will allow them to get used to it and they will feel safer.  By introducing a crate it will also help improve other beagle issues such as barking, house breaking and separation anxiety.
  • Leash Training: Beagles love to sniff!  They will put their nose to the ground, get excited over a scent and then they are off!  This can lead to problems when you have your beagle on a leash as they will often pull and can be difficult to control.  If this is happening to you, the most important thing to do, before you head off on your walk,  is to try and help your beagle reach a calm and controlled state.  By doing this it will be much easier for your beagle to listen and respond to your commands without getting overexcited!  If your beagle does continue to pull on the leash then stop, make you beagle sit and wait, then start walking again.  After doing this each time your beagle pulls on the lead, they will soon associate that pulling means ‘stop’.  A beagle likes to keep on the move so they will quickly learn to stop pulling on the leash.
  • The Alpha Position: Beagles are pack animals and therefore it is important to establish that you are the leader of your household (pack), not your beagle.  You can establish your alpha position by eating before your beagle and by giving your beagle no attention for the first 10 – 15 minutes of returning home.  By establishing this, your beagle will calm down as they will know you have control over the situation.  It will also allow your beagle to stop worrying as they know you will protect them.  By having a calm and relaxed beagle, it will be much easier for you to train them.
  • Obedience Training: Enrolling your beagle into an obedience class could be one of the smartest things you ever do for your pet.  Some of the best beagle dog training tips come from these obedience classes.  At these classes you will learn how to maintain the alpha leadership position and how to give specific and strong commands.  So if you are having trouble training your beagle at home, then it might be time to start researching obedience training classes in your area.

The Importance of Consistency

Throughout the process of beagle dog training, the important things to remember is the need for consistency.  Your beagle may seem smart, which in many ways they are, but they learn best by repetition and having a safe, familiar environment.  If you only ask them to sit before going for a walk or only when you have time, your beagle will get confused and in the process stop following your commands.  So, if you teach your beagle a new training method it is important to keep at it and to make sure everyone in your home does the same.  Consistency is the key to a well trained beagle!

Beagle dog training can seem like a big task, but it really isn’t!  If you keep the consistency up and maintain your alpha position you will quickly see results.  The rewards will be well worth it!

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