Beagle Leash Training

Beagles have an excellent sense of smell.  As soon as they catch a whiff of something they are off.  Therefore it is so important to leash train your beagle. Read on to find out more about beagle leash training!

For your beagles own safety it is important to have them on a leash when walking outside your property.  Beagles were bred to hunt and therefore have an amazing sense of smell.  Once your beagle catches a certain scent they go off in search of it.  If your beagle isn’t on a leash it could end in sad circumstances.  Your beagle could run into traffic or even be picked up by a Dog Patrol Officer.  Therefore, it is so important to learn about beagle leash training.

Some important tips to know about beagle leash training:

  • Start beagle leash training as soon as you get your beagle home.  The sooner you start the quicker your beagle will learn.
  • Use a leash no longer than one to two meters.
  • Start your beagle leash training at a place that has limited distractions such as your backyard or quiet park.  This will allow your beagle to concentrate more.
  • Patience is so important!  Due to your beagle’s natural hunting instinct and sense of smell they will lose concentration easily.  Try not to get frustrated and to keep persevering.  It will be worth it in the long run.
  • Try and stay positive at all times.  Never get angry, yell or use physical punishment if they do something wrong while leash training.  This will only upset, scare and confuse your beagle.  Instead be assertive but not angry to keep your beagle calm.  A calm beagle is much easier to leash train than a beagle that is scared and upset.
  • Do not do leash training when your beagle is overly excited.  Tire your beagle first by playing in the backyard – such as a game of fetch.  Once they are tired and calmer, it will be much easier to do some beagle leash training.

The Three Important Beagle Leash Training Steps

There are three steps to follow when beagle leash training.  By following these steps you should have your beagle leash trained in no time!

  • beagle leash training

    Step 1: Put a collar and leash on your beagle while they are eating.  By doing this you are associating something they enjoy doing (eating) with the feeling of having a collar around their neck.  Once you have done this for a few days you can then pick up the leash and follow your beagle around your house for a few moments after they have finished eating.  Each time increase the amount of time you walk with your beagle.  Do this until your beagle is used to the leash and you walking with them.

  • Step 2: Once you have completed Step 1 you can then take your beagle outside.  Your backyard is ideal as it is safe.  Allow your beagle to drag the leash with you following them.   After a while pick up the leash with one hand.  In your other hand place a treat.  Use the treat to persuade your beagle to walk by your side.  Use positive reinforcement to praise your beagle when they walk by your side well.
  • Step 3: Your beagle may start to pull on the leash.  If they do this turn in a clockwise direction and keep walking.  This will make the leash pull your beagles head and they will have to try and keep up with you.  Keep repeating this until your beagle walks beside you correctly without pulling.  Remember to reward your beagle for their good behavior such as giving affection or treats.

Remember – start beagle leash training as soon as possible.  It is one of the best things you can do for your beagle.  It will keep them safe and greatly benefit you, their owner.  Start beagle leash training today!

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