Beagle Potty Training

Are you discovering a few too many accidents on your nice clean floors?  Well then it may be time to start Beagle potty (toilet) training. Beagle Potty Training

The last thing you want is a yucky mess on your nice clean floors, therefore it’s important to start Beagle potty training as soon as possible. However, remember it will take time and patience but the end results will be well worth it.

The following tips will help you get started with Beagle Potty Training:

  • Firstly, you need to establish a place where your Beagle is to go potty (go to the toilet).  For example this could be a corner of your backyard.
  • Regularity is key when Beagle potty training.  This means taking your Beagle to potty at set times every day.  For example you could take your Beagle out to potty when they first wake up and after they have finished a meal.
  • Another important part of Beagle potty training is repetition as the more you repeat something the more your Beagle will remember it.  For example, you should use a certain word or phrase for when you want your Beagle to go potty such as “toilet”.  Repeat this word or phrase every single time you take your Beagle to potty.    Your Beagle should soon come to understand what this phrase means and they should go to the toilet when they hear it.
  • When Beagle potty training, it’s vital you stay alert for any signs that your Beagle may want to go potty.  A common sign is when your Beagle starts sniffing the ground or moving in a circular motion.  If you see your Beagle doing this then move them to their designated toilet spot straight away.
  • It’s a good idea to use rewards for when your Beagle does go potty in the correct spot.  This will encourage your Beagle to keep going in the correct place in the future. Rewards could be anything from praise and affection to a little treat.
  • One of the most important things to remember when Beagle potty training is that there will be mistakes and you will come across a few yucky messes on your carpet.  It’s so important that you do not get angry at your Beagle if they do have an accident.  This means no hitting or Beagle or yelling at them.  If you do this then it will just make your Beagle anxious and it will prolong the potty training process.  Instead, if your Beagle does make a mistake, just quietly clean up the mess and get rid of any odor so that your Beagle does not try to go potty again in the same location.

Remember, Beagle potty training will take time and you will not see results overnight.  However, if you put in your time and patience you should end up with a Beagle who knows exactly where to potty which in turn will save your nice clean floors!  So take the above tips and start Beagle potty training today!

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