Beagle Scratching

Beagle scratching is a common problem and there are a number of causes for it.  Luckily we have some tips to help you overcome beagle scratching.

beagle scratching
There are a large number of reasons why beagles scratch.  These include allergies, obsessions with their skin or fleas.  If your beagle continues to scratch it can cause infections and other problems.  If these aren’t cautiously monitored they can lead to long term problems.

The Causes of Beagle Scratching

There are so many reasons why beagles have the urge to scratch.  Before you find the solution to their scratching, you first have to find out why your beagle is scratching in the first place.  The following are a number of reasons why:

  • Infection: If your beagle has an infection this may cause them to scratch their skin.  These infections can be caused by bacteria or fungi.  The signs to look for to determine if your beagle has an infection include red sores, swelling or places where it is noticeable that they have lost hair.
  • Neurogenic: This is a nervous problem where your beagle will excessively chew or lick their skin.  The cause of this is usually boredom or separation anxiety.
  • Allergies: Your beagle may be scratching due to an allergy.  Some different allergies include fleas, dust and food.  If your beagle does have one of these allergies they will have an itch which will lead them to scratch.
  • Food Problems: It is important to make sure you are feeding your beagle all the right nutrients.  If you don’t do this correctly your beagle may develop dry skin, sores and other symptoms leading to scratching.
  • Insects and Parasites: Every single parasite out there can cause your beagle to itch.  These include fleas, flies, mites and many more.  You can get medications from your local vet to help combat this problem.

So, from the above you can see that there are many reasons why your beagle scratches!  It is important to find out the reason behind it first, so you can get the best treatment available to stop your beagle scratching.

Take Your Beagle to the Vet

To be sure exactly the cause of the scratching, it is best to take your beagle to the vet.  They can thoroughly check your beagle over and decide on the best treatment.  This could be by simply using antibiotics, changing what you’re feeding your beagle or giving your beagle a flea bath.  Your vet will have all the answers!

What If It Isn’t A Medical Problem?

Most scratching causes can be treated with medication.  However, The neurogenic causes are the hardest to fix.  So, to help stop this neurogenic scratching, you firstly have to try and find out why your beagle is doing it in the first place.
The source of your beagles neurogenic scratching will probably be due to boredom.  So, a good place to start fixing this problem is by making sure your beagle is getting lots of physical activity.  You can also stop this by putting a spray on your beagle’s favorite scratching spots that they do not like the taste of – including pepper or a bitter apple spray.
If you still can’t stop your beagle scratching you can ask your vet for a cone.  This will stop your beagle from being able to reach the spots he likes to scratch.

Once your beagle has a set exercise regime and seems improved you can remove the cone and stop using the spray.

But, if your beagle doesn’t stop scratching after trying all these methods it may be best to go to the vet.  They can make sure that there is nothing seriously wrong with your beagle, as some infections are not visible to us.

The most important thing is to keep an eye on your beagle if it starts scratching.  Often it can be mended without difficultly.  But if you are unsure plan an appointment at your local vet.  The sooner you fix your beagles scratching, the happier they will be!

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