Beagle Separation Anxiety

Beagle separation anxiety is one of the most common problems a pet owner will encounter!

beagle seperation anxiety
Beagle separate anxiety is a common problem many beagle owners will face.  You may notice that when you leave home your beagle may bark or howl for a short while but then calm down – this is the lesser problem.  The more worrying problem is when after you leave your home, your beagle may start barking and howling continually for hours or they may even begin destroying your home and garden.  The good things is you can help your beagle overcome their separation anxiety by using the following information and tips!

The Sources of Beagle Separation Anxiety

Beagles have an extremely good sense of smell and therefore have been used in packs to track rabbit and other animals for hundreds of years.  Because of this pack nature, beagles have a great sense of attached to you, their master.  If you shower your beagle with love and attention before and after you leave it will create a routine.  As a result your beagle will not be able to control their anxious feelings when you leave; creating beagle separation anxiety.  Although it is normal for your beagle not to like it when you’re not there, there is no reason why it should cause them to become severely upset and anxious.

Reducing Beagle Separation Anxiety

Luckily, there are a number of easy ways you can help your beagle feel less anxious when you leave and return home.  The following are some of the easy methods:

  • Change Your Routine: The best way to begin is by changing you morning routine.  You may notice that from the time your alarm goes off in the morning your beagle will start acting strange.  This is because they have attached the sound of your alarm to you leaving.  You can help your beagle change this behavior by getting up at different times, having your shower earlier and eating breakfast later – little changes that will help reduce your beagles pre-leaving anxiety.
  • Don’t Reinforce It: If you give your beagle lots of attention before you leave or when you get home you are only encouraging their separation anxiety.  The easiest way for you to stop your beagle’s separation anxiety is to remove the association between you leaving and returning with the attention you give them.  This may seem harsh but it will help in the long run!   Before you leave your house do not pat your beagle – do not give into them – no matter how bad you feel when they look at you with those adorable Bambi eyes and cute floppy ears.  And when you return home do not pat your beagle for 10 – 15 minutes.  It may be hard, but trust us, you need to do it!  You will be helping your beagle in the long run.
  • Building Up to Longer Times: If your beagle shows signs of becoming anxious the moment you walk out the door, start by only leaving the house for short periods of time.  Leave for a few seconds and then come back.  Beagle separation anxiety can be fixed by changing your pets expectations of how long you’ll be gone and when you’ll be home. Each time they see you coming home they will become less anxious, allowing you to leave for longer and longer periods each time.

You’re Not Being Mean

You may feel some of the solutions to beagle separation anxiety are cruel but trust us they’re not!  You are helping your beagle relax by allowing them to know that you will be returning.  It also shows them that you are in charge of your territory and there is no reason for them to feel anxious or unsafe.  When you reduce their separation anxiety you are helping them become a much happier, less stressed and healthier beagle.

If your beagle does have anxiety problems it is important to address them right away.  Even if it seems your beagle is only getting a little bit upset when you leave and doesn’t have the severe symptoms, it is still important to incorporate the above tips as it will reduce your beagle’s feelings of abandonment.  And importantly, it will teach your beagle not to associate you leaving and returning with beagle pack order and their survival.

If you follow these steps to overcome beagle separation anxiety, you will have an extremely happy and healthy beagle to enjoy life with!

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