Beagle Temperament

Beagles are an incredibly popular dog, due in no small part to the beagle temperament. These easy to get along with dogs are known for being steady and even tempered.

Beagle TemperamentThere are so many adjectives used to describe the beagle. They seem to be so many things to so many people. Wonderful as a family pet, good with children and other dogs, great little hunters – is there anything this dog can’t do? Read on to find out.

Beagle Temperament Bred For the Hunt

The beagle is a bit of an enigma in some ways, with seemingly contradictory personality traits. When you understand how his mind works, however, all is explained.

  • Intelligent but hard to train. These are smart little dogs but because they have been bred to pick up and stay with a scent they can be single minded (some call it stubborn) and determined, which makes training them a challenge.
  • Poor guard dogs, good watch dogs. Beagles will bay, howl and bark at the sight of strangers, but will probably not attack them. The beagle temperament is too friendly for this.
  • Stand offish but easily won over. When you first meet a beagle he will probably be a bit aloof. Once he has warmed to you, however, he will show you his friendly, warm nature.
  • Generally obedient but distractible. Beagles are willing to be obedient but their hyper sensitive sense of smell means they are easily distracted and once they pick up a scent are very difficult to recall.
  • Good with other dogs, not good with other pets. Beagles love to be part of a pack but they do not take to non-canine companions, unless they are the human kind.
  • Athletic but not demanding with exercise. The beagle has great stamina, due to its hunting breed, but does not need to be exercised to exhaustion like some other dogs.
  • Like to run, like to eat. The beagle is energetic but particularly fond of food and is prone to obesity if not exercised regularly.
  • Not aggressive, not timid. The beagle has a very stable personality. He is steady and confident.
  • Alert but bore easily. Whilst the beagle is clever and responsive, he gets bored with the same routine.

Excellent With Children

One of the reasons that the beagle has become so popular is his ability to get on with children.

  • Playful. Beagles love to play, so children and beagles are perfect companions.
  • Small but resilient. Beagles are gentle but sturdy which means they can play with small children and take a bit of rough and tumble with older kids too.
  • Separation anxiety is common. Beagles love company and can suffer from separation anxiety if they become bored and lonely.

The beagle really is a great little dog. He is big enough to be a force to be reckoned with, but small enough not to get in the way. His calm and cheery beagle temperament makes him a great companion, whilst his independence means he is not too demanding.

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