Beagles and Kids

Getting To Know More about Beagles And Kids

How do beagles and kids relate to each other? Beagles are among the most popular of dog breeds, not only because they are really lovable, but also they have very affectionate and friendly personalities.

Beagles and KidsBeagles are small enough to be kept in a flat, so here are some reasons why you can choose a Beagle to be one of the best pet choices for your kids.

Why choose a Beagle?

Beagles live for 12 to 15 years, so you know that your child is going to have a lovable playmate, throughout his childhood. Also, they are loyal, affectionate and protective towards their human masters. So if you are willing to commit you to nearly a decade and more of caring for your Beagle, well, it is your choice. However, you are never going to regret adding this lovable member to your family.

Here are some good reasons why beagles and kids go really well together –

  • Beagles love exploring and so do kids. So you should not be surprised if your kids and your pet decide to go exploring in places, where there are plenty of exciting “smells.”
  • Beagles love to eat and so do normal, healthy kids. So, keep them well fed, so that your Beagle does not get an opportunity to go foraging for food  just because he felt “peckish.”
  • Beagles are extremely good with kids, because they are always ready to join in any game, which involves lots of energetic running and chasing.
  • Beagles are stubborn; however, they find it easier to “communicate” with kids than with adults. That is why your Beagle being trained by a responsible 13-14 year-old kid – with lots of love, care and patience – is going to be a really well behaved, well-trained pet.

My kids are going To Take Care Of This Beagle

Many householders by beagles or any other dog breed, just because they have been promised by their children that the dog is going to be fed and taken care of, by the children of the house. Sorry, it does not work that way. Ever. The children may be very enthusiastic about taking care of their exciting new pet  for the first couple of days, but you are going to find them shrugging off their responsibility within the week.

So remember that taking care of the Beagle is going to be your responsibility. The Beagle is there to provide plenty of amusement and companionship to your kids. It is your job to keep it well fed, well groomed and healthy.

This is the reason why so many dogs are given up. The parents do not have the time or the energy to take care of such a responsibility and that is why they leave their pets on the roadside, and drive away. They might even leave their dog at an animal shelter. Do not let that happen to your Beagle.

Beagles and kids – Precautions

One would suggest not buying a Beagle for a toddler because even though they are gentle, there is always the chance of the baby getting nipped accidentally.

Do not buy a Beagle or any other breed of dog, if your child is suffering from allergies. Beagles are notorious “shedders”. So you might find your child suffering from dog dander and hair.

Remember that your adorable beagle puppy is going to be as energetic as a two-year-old. It will need 24 x 7 supervision, so if you already have a baby, toddler or very young child in the family, please do not take on extra responsibility by buying a dog. If you really want to buy a dog, then look for a young adult, which has already been housetrained.

So now that you know that beagles and kids go really well together, one would suggest you look for a young adult beagle for them.

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