How to Beagle Proof your House

Before you intend to buy a beagle and make it a part of your family for the next 10 to 15 years, you need to know how to Beagle proof your house.

How to Beagle Proof your HouseRemember that beagles are basically not house pets, even though they are very affectionate. They are natural hunting dogs. That is why the Beagle is one of the more adventurous of dog breeds. This means that it is capable of biting through, digging under, jumping over fences in order to go out and explore.

That is why you need to go about beagle proofing your house in a very systematic manner.

How to Beagle Proof Your House – Making It Worthy Of A Beagle!

Keeping a beagle in a flat is not advisable. A beagle is a social animal. If you intend to lock your Beagle up in your house and then go off to office, you are going to come home to a totally wrecked house. That is because the lonesome Beagle went around the house searching for you. It did not find you. It got bored and decided to destroy everything. It saw some shoes and clothes on the ground. It   chewed them up. Then it noticed some furniture. It did some chewing on  the furniture legs. It got hungry. It drank out of the toilet bowl and wrecked your bathroom, too. This is just one example of what a bored Beagle can do.

You child proof your house, do not you? Beagle proofing is done in that same manner. You need to keep your Beagle safe. In the same manner, you need to keep the things in your house safe from your Beagle.

  • Get rid of all the plants in your yard.
  • Remove the wire netting and put up a fence. Beagles have been known to jump over fences, 6 feet high, so raise the height of the fence.
  • Make sure that the area around the fence is covered with rocks. This is going to prevent your Beagle from digging out of your yard
  • Keep your Beagle within your sights, when it is playing about in the yard. Thus you can get to know if it is up to some mischief trying to escape to the Great Outdoors.
  • Remove any children’s swimming pool or area where water is stored.
  • Stash all your easily reachable stuff away like clothes, papers, shoes and books.

How do you Beagle proof your rooms?

  • Get down on all fours. Imagine that you are a beagle. What do you see in front of you? Can you bite it, destroy it or chew on it? Stash it away.
  • Your curious little Beagle is quite capable of biting through electric wires and telephone wires. So any loose wires should be battened down firmly.
  • Your dog should not be allowed to enter an area in which there are electrical wires, like your computer wires, television wires, music system wires etc.. Fix them to the wall, if you cannot prevent your Beagle from entering the area.
  • If you have a staircase in your house, use a baby gate to prevent it from climbing up the stairs. This is going to stop your little Beagle puppy from tumbling off the stairs.
  • Prevent your Beagle from opening your kitchen cabinets by installing guards for the doors. This is going to stop your Beagle from getting in among the household cleaning agents and harming itself.
  • Keep the bathroom door locked and the toilet seat down. No dog ever did good to itself by using the toilet seat as a drinking bowl.

These are just some commonsense methods how to Beagle proof your house. Try them out right now and make sure your little Beagle is safe.

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