How to exercise your Beagle

Are you looking for the best tips and techniques how to exercise your Beagle?

How to exercise your Beagle!Beagles are definitely not good pets for all those people who could not be bothered to go out for walks. They need plenty of opportunity to go out in the fresh air, every day in order to keep healthy and happy. In fact, a happy beagle is one who has a master who does not mind putting it on a leash and walking miles and miles, every day, just for fun.

A Beagle in the Yard

So, if you have a beagle in a yard, remember to leave it loose in the yard, at least three times a day and spend about a half an hour playing with it. This is going to include running after Frisbees, playing tag, playing chase, and other physical activities. Beagles love kids. Also, they are hunting dogs and that is why they are used to running across country and outdoors. So if your kid enjoys going out in the open exploring with a beagle, well, it is well worth choosing a beagle as a pet.

Why do beagles need to be exercised more than other dog breeds?

A beagle can be considered to have a short attention span. So if it is not exercised it is going to be bored. It is going to start destroying things in order to gain attention.

So here are some exercise routines which you can try out with your Beagle, right away.

  • Try running with your Beagle. This is going to keep your dog healthy as well as keep you fit.
  • Ask your beagle’s vet for the best age when it can start running with you. One year old beagles can join in your running routine every day.

Popular Beagle exercise games

  • Beagles, being hunting dogs love to fetch. So they are going to enjoy games, which include fetching something which smells really nice. One good game is to dip its favorite toy in something which smells good to dogs. Let it see that item. Say “fetch” and throw that item into the yard. The moment the dog brings that item, say “drop it” and give it a treat. Beagles can play this game for hours.
  • The treat has to be given only once. The other times, give it an appreciative pat and a “good boy.”
  • Beagles love playing with balls especially when they have to fetch them. So if you can get into a “fetch and run” game with your Beagle, at least once a day, it is going to appreciate it very much.
  • Try getting your Beagle to run behind a flying ribbon, held in your hand. This is one game they are going to find very enjoyable. This also makes sure that they do not put on weight through lack of exercise.

Remember that your dog is full of high-energy, which has to be worked off every day. So you need to put in at least half an hour sessions of exercise along with your dog, at least twice a day.

A dog which is tired out is less liable to get into mischief through sheer boredom. Also, it is happy that it is around its master.

So now that you know how to exercise your Beagle and you know why it is so necessary to exercise it every day without fail, please take it for a walk, right now!

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