How to Rehab your Beagle

Are you looking for ways and means how to rehab your Beagle?

How to Rehab your Beagle!We are going to use the word rehab here in three contexts – how to rehabilitate a beagle, which has been rescued from a dog center, how to rehabilitate a beagle which has bad habits and how to rehabilitate a beagle which has been injured.

Rehab Your Beagle – Weaning It Away From Medicines

It is possible that your vet has given your beagle some medicines which were part and parcel of its treatment. You want to rehabilitate your beagle by getting it to stop eating those particular medicines. Your beagle is showing withdrawal symptoms. It is moody and easily irritated. It is lethargic. So how do you rehab your beagle when it is on medicine or has gotten addicted to some particular not very healthy drug?

  • Firstly – never try to deprive your dog of that medicine by cutting off the supply.
  • Ask your vet to reduce the dosage. This is going to give the dog’s body plenty of time to get used to a smaller dosage.
  • Reduce the frequency of the dosage, from three times a day to two times a day, if you are giving it medicines.
  • Do not try drastic deprivation methods by lowering the dosage considerably and all at once because that is going to harm your beagle.

Rehabilitation of an injured beagle

This is only going to be done in cases when the beagle has suffered from injuries, including injuries to the ligaments and muscles. Physiotherapy and proper exercise as well as care of the injured part is going to help that particular muscle working again. If your beagle has a hurt leg, the muscles should be given time to cure them. Make sure that your beagle does not move about or jump about. That is going to be difficult because beagles are naturally exuberant. So an injured dog can only be rehabilitated, if it is kept quiet.

Physiotherapy and treatments recommended by your vet are going to improve the health of your dog considerably.

How to rehab your beagle when it is obsessed with something?

Your beagle may have a behavioral problem of being obsessed with something. It is going to whine or just stare at you, until you give it that thing. Rehabilitation in such a case is very easy on you have to do is distract the beagle. That is going to be done by diverting his attention to one other interesting thing, when it starts to whine. It is soon going to get interested in that puzzle, game, toy, food or even a piece of favorite music.

Beagle Rehab – Rescuing A Beagle From A Rescue Center

Just imagine that you have rescued a terrified beagle from a rescue center. Look at the dog psychology. It cannot understand why its masters left it all alone. It also cannot understand who you are and why you decided to bring it into your home.

The problems which you are going to face here are acceptance problems, the beagle trying to get away and finding its original master, growling, barking, whining and other behavioural anomalies.

Here are some easy tips which you can utilize to make your beagle get more used to you.

  • Do not approach it in a hasty manner. Your approach towards it should be casual.
  • Do not smile; showing your teeth is an aggressive behavior sign for dogs.
  • Keep calling its name in a gentle fashion.
  • Leave some food and water in a bowl, and then walk away.
  • Do not pat it while it is eating.
  • If it starts to whine, call its name softly. It just wants to know whether you are there or not.
  • If it continues whining, bring it near you. Make eye contact. Say that you are there. Not your head. Then look away and continue your work.
  • It may stop whining and then start again. Now ignore it.

Remember, rehabilitation of any kind means physical and chemical healing of the mind and body. So whatever sort of rehabilitation is needed by your beagle, this can only be done through proper advice given to you by your vet, if it is a medical condition. If the rehabilitation is about making it accustomed to your presence, well, that is going to take perseverance, love, and plenty of patience.

So now that you know how to rehab your beagle, try out these tips and techniques, right away.

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