How to Socialize your Beagle

Wanting to learn how to socialize your beagle?

How to Socialize your BeagleFirstly, you need to understand why your beagle needs to be around people and other canines. That is because beagles are by nature social dogs. They are going to get depressed if they do not have people and dogs around them to sniff. They prefer the presence of dogs and other animals best, but humans come a close second. They also start feeling insecure if they are left all alone without human company for a long period of time.

That  is why it is necessary to socialize your beagle while it is still a puppy. It is been going to understand that other human beings and dogs are “friends,” and not something of which to be terrified.

Beagle socializing tips

Here are some points which you would need to keep in mind before you let your beagle meet other dogs.

  • Make sure that your beagle is well-trained. It is going to be so excited when it meets its friends that it may decide not to obey your commands to come back to you. This is one of the occupational hazards of Beagle socializing.
  • If you intend it to meet and make friends in the park, make sure that it is kept away from larger dogs. Beagles are small in size, but they are hunting dogs. They would enjoy getting into an argument with other dogs.
  • Your beagle’s – like other dogs – attitude towards people and other dogs are going to depend on a number of factors like its experiences as a puppy, its bloodlines and its genes. So that could make all the difference between a shy and scared puppy or an exuberant and happy, well-adjusted puppy.
  • Beagles should start this socializing routine while they are between 7 to 14 weeks. This is the best time when they start learning about training sessions. They have to get used to other dogs, kids and adults.
  • A beagle which is kept away from any sort of company is going to get aggressive. So socializing in a club, on the beach or in a park where it can meet kids, adults, and other dogs is advisable.
  • Remember that your beagle needs to learn the word “come,” before you try out any socializing. Otherwise, it might decide to follow its new best friend home, especially if you have taken it off the lead. However, taking your beagle off the lead is not recommended, while you are training it or while it is “socializing”.

Beagle socializing clubs:

You may have some Beagle socializing clubs in your locality. Or you may start a club of your own, with other beagle owners joining it. In this manner, you are going to get an opportunity to speak to other beagle lovers. You are also going to get your beagle an opportunity to meet with its own beagle friends.

A beagle being a pack dog needs the companionship of some dogs to learn natural instinctive dog behavior which has been interfered with, through human company, training and interaction. That is why it is necessary that you look for places where your beagle can socialize.

Remember that a happy, healthy and normal beagle looks forward to plenty of fun, meeting new people and new dogs- every day. Every day is a new adventure for a beagle. So , these how to socialize your beagle tips are going to teach your beagle to accept these exciting new additions into its life.

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