How to Stop Beagles From Barking

Beagles are born to bark.  But if you find it has become too excessive, you can use the following information to help control it.  Read on to find out how to stop beagles from barking.

If you’ve come to the stage where you need to stop beagles barking, you will already know that there are only so many things you can do to help fix the problem.  Beagles have the need to bark – it’s the way they show their feelings.  So before you start following the ‘how to stop beagles from barking’ steps, you need to know the reasons behind why they bark in the first place.

The Causes of Beagles Barking

There are lots of reason why beagles bark.  Beagles park when they are happy, excited, angry and scared.  The following are a number of situations where you might find your beagle barking:

  • When they are protecting their home
  • When they are scared or distressed
  • When they want love and attention
  • When they welcome you home
  • When something is not going their way
  • When they are in pain

So from what you can see above, barking is an important part of a beagle’s life and you can’t stop them barking altogether.  They have a need to vocalize what they feel.  However, if the barking is out of control, the following information will guide you to trying to reduce it.  Read on to find out how to stop beagles from barking.

How to Stop Beagles From Barking

how to stop beagles from barkingIf your beagles barking is excessive you firstly need to find out the reasons behind it.  The good thing is, you should be able to help control it.  Ask yourself the below:

  • What time of the day is your beagle barking?
  • What or who is your beagle barking at?
  • Is there something that sets of your beagle barking?

The following are a number of reasons why your beagle could be barking.  There are also helpful suggestions to overcoming the problem:

  • Territorial Barking: If you decided that the cause of your beagle barking is because they are protecting your home, the important thing is not to get angry.  It may stop your beagle barking but they will not learn their lesson and will continue to bark in the future.  To stop this territorial barking you need to show your beagle you are the alpha leader.  By doing this your beagle will calm down and feel safe.  They will no longer feel the need to bark and protect your home.   You can also make simple changes like closing the curtains so your beagle can’t see when visitors arrive.  Or keep your beagle in the backyard, not the front, so they have less of a chance of seeing when people walk by, which may be the cause of their barking
  • Anxiety: Your beagle may have anxiety issues and will bark until you get home.  This could be because you shower them with attention when you get home.  Thus you are rewarding them for their barking.  To stop this you need to ignore your beagle for around 10 – 15 minutes when you arrive home, stopping the association been praise and barking.

Your beagles barking does not have to be a big problem.  By using the above tips on your beagle from an early age you can control it.  In reward, you will have a healthy and contented beagle to look after!

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