How to Train a Beagle Puppy

Your first thought when you get your beagle will be “how to train a beagle puppy!?”  Don’t worry, we are here to help.

Training a beagle can be fun and it is nothing to be anxious about.  By reading the following information on ‘how to train a beagle puppy’ you will see that the process is not as hard as you think!

How to Train a Beagle Puppy: The Early Years

When your puppy is eight to fourteen weeks old, they are most easily influenced.  This is why you have to start training your beagle as soon as you get them home.  However, do not train your beagle completed things when they are less than eight weeks of age.  You can, however, teach simple things such as setting up a daily agenda.  This will show your beagle puppy that they have structure and they will feel safe in your home.  Start feeding your beagle puppy only once a day and remove food between meals.  Make a time for walks at the same time every day and also put them in their crate at certain times.  During these first eight weeks you won’t be able to teach your beagle puppy the completed commands (sit, stay, lie down) but they will still be able to learn what ‘no’ and ‘well done’ means.  But remember to only use these when your puppy actually does do something well or does something wrong so they don’t get confused.  Never punish your young beagle puppy for something they have no idea about yet.  And remember to never yell or use physical punishment as this will just confuse your puppy..  It is also important at this young age to teach your puppy that biting is not okay.  They may be adorable but even nipping is not allowed.  You, as their alpha leader needs to teach them from the very beginning that biting is wrong.

How to Train a Beagle Puppy: Adolescence

how to train a beagle puppy

Once your beagle turns eight weeks and over you can begin teaching more complicated commands.  These include toilet training your puppy, crate training, and teaching the commands ‘sit’, ‘lie down’, ‘come’, speak’ and ‘quiet’.  It may sound like a lot of things for your beagle puppy to learn but if you take the time to teach these things when they are at a young age they will master them more quickly.  Repeat these commands on a regular basis.  The more you repeat a command, the more it will stay in your beagle’s memory.  Get your family to learn the same commands as well.  Soon your beagle will be an expert!  And remember, at all stages of training, maintain your alpha leader position.  By doing this your beagle puppy will listen and respect you more, making training a lot easier.

How to Train a Beagle Puppy: Older Age

As your beagle moves past the puppy stage into adulthood he will start to show his personality.  The basis training should also be completed by now.  Your beagle should know the basic commands, they should be house trained, should be able to walk easily on a leash and should be able to know when they have done something wrong.  If your beagle can easily do these things then you can move onto more difficult commands.  These include more fun instructions such as fetch, roll over and turn.

So, if you want your beagle to be an intelligent dog who listens you need to begin training at an early age.  Start with the simple techniques when they are less than eight weeks, move on to the basic commands from eight weeks of age and then the fun can begin with the more completed commands as they move into adulthood.

Taking the time to train your beagle will be one of the most rewarding things you will do.  So don’t be nervous – follow our ‘how to train a beagle’ tips today!

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