Stop Beagle Whining

How do you stop being Beagle whining? A number of Beagle owners suddenly notice that their dog is whining continuously, without any apparent rhyme or reason.

Stop Beagle Whining!This may worry them. On the other hand, they might ignore the whine, hoping against hope that their Beagle is going to shut up on its own. Both these actions are counterproductive.

Stop Beagle whining – Reasons for Whining

If your dog is whining continuously, here are some reasons why your dog has suddenly started this irritating behavior when it was a well behaved and quiet dog a couple of days ago.

  • A continuous is a dog’s way of trying to get your attention.
  • It is possible that they want you to give them something.
  • It is also possible that your dog is in pain and its whine is a request for help. In this case you have to differentiate whether your dog is just being irritating or frivolous or is it a need of some help?
  • Does the dog think that he is being neglected and you are eating something of which it would want a bite? It is immediately going to show its displeasure in a high-pitched whine. In answer, just place one of the goodies in front of it, and say very firmly”quiet.” Then ignore the whines. You have paid it attention. You have listened to it. Now, you do not intend to listen to anymore of its attention seeking noises.

Stop Beagle Whining – Recognize The Reason

Does your dog whine when it is separated from you, especially at night? You need to look at your dog’s behavior very carefully here. Tell it firmly that it is time for it to go to sleep. Ignore its whines, and it is going to stop trying to seek attention in this manner, because it knows that you are not going to come back and pay it attention. On the other hand, it should understand that you are nearby. It is thus going to feel secure. Make its sleeping space  more welcoming. Tell it that you are near it. Give it a small treat and pat it affectionately before you leave.

Consider your puppy to be a baby not ready to go to sleep yet. The whine means “Can I play with you a little more?” If you pay attention to the whines, they are going to become one of the bad behavioral habits.

You also need to recognize that particular pitched whine which means that your dog needs to go out right now. That is his way of telling you, “please open the door right now.” Once it recognizes the fact that you recognize that whine and act on it, it may communicate this need to you, in that particular whine and tone again. Consider that it has trained you to respond to that whine!

Stop Beagle whining – Do Not Punish your puppy

Do not punish your dog if it is whining. Instead look at the reasons behind that behavior. If you respond to its whines instead of ignoring them, you are reinforcing the power of this irritating noise in its little Beagle brain. It knows that it has the upper hand and you are going to rush to its side, the moment it starts howling and whining.

Instead, try distracting it. Possibly it has started to whine because it does not have anything to do. Return to the room immediately after the dog stops whining. This will make it understand that whining cannot bring you back.

Guaranteed effective tip to stop Beagle whining

Here is one tip which is guaranteed effective to stop Beagle whining. Fill up a metal box full of coins and nails. The moment the Beagle starts to whine, shake that box vigorously. It is going to start associating that whine with that scary noise. Also, leave a radio on low near your puppy, when you put it into its box. The sound of the music is going to reassure it that there is someone near it.

Remember that you are smarter than your Beagle and stop Beagle whining is not difficult at all!

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