What Should I Teach my Beagle?

“What should I train my Beagle?” is a question which is going to be asked by a number of beagle owners.

What Should I  Teach my Beagle?The usual training words are “sit”, “stay”, and “heel”. However, you would need to teach your Beagle some other commands. So how do you go about doing that in a systematic manner?

Benefits of training and teaching your Beagle:

  • You are going to have a well behaved and happy Beagle.
  • You do not have to worry about its being destructive.
  • You have a housetrained Beagle
  • You have a beagle which obeys your commands.
  • This training is going to be done in a systematic and disciplined manner which means that you will not be using any “force tactics” on your Beagle.

Teach Your Beagle not to jump

Beagles, like any other dog breeds enjoy jumping on their masters, in order to show their affection and enthusiasm. In fact, this is the way they greet anybody who they recognize. You have to teach your Beagle not to jump on visitors as well as people of the family. This can be done in a very easy manner. The moment you see your Beagle running towards you to greet you, just move away in a swift movement. Do not make eye contact with your Beagle. Do not say a word. And above all, do not run away in a panic. This last is going to make your Beagle follow you. You might find yourself getting nipped because you need to remember that beagles are primarily hunting dogs.

This “deflection” by moving away when your Beagle wants to launch itself at you, means that your Beagle has not reached its target – you. Do not look at it. Do not say a word. Once it recognizes the fact that you do not want to “communicate” with it, when it intends to greet you, it is going to settle down. It is only then that you make eye contact with it, pat it and say some affectionate words to it.

House train  your Beagle

It is necessary that you start to house train your Beagle, from day go itself. If it has messed up an area in your house, pick up the Beagle, take it to the mess, tap it  firmly on its nose and say “no. ”After that, you pick up the mess and take it to the place where you want the Beagle to relieve itself in the future. A couple of “taps”, every time it makes a mess will soon make it understand that you do not want it messing any area apart from the area that you have set out for it in the yard. Tell it to your Beagle firmly. Your dog is capable of understanding your words, when you repeat your instructions and commands to it with actions.

How to stop Your Beagle From Chewing

Beagles are hunting hounds. They are also a social dog breed and that is why they want to be around people or other beagles. You may find your Beagle chewing up anything which it considers to be edible.

So “what should I teach my Beagle?” – Your priority here is to teach it not to chew anything or everything. This is when you have to use alternative psychology. This is going to be taught to it while it is still a puppy. Divert its attention towards one of its soft, chewy toys. Hand that toy to your Beagle. Try to take away the thing which it is chewing. Your Beagle is going to growl. Say no to it very firmly. Make it understand that if it wants to chew, that activity has to be done on the chewy toy and on nothing else. This behavior has to be reinforced throughout puppyhood, otherwise you are going to have a very destructive Beagle.

Clicker training – How to teach your Beagle to obey you

Clicker training is now considered to be one of the effective and humane methods through which you can train your Beagle. This uses the reflex psychology of a dog. The moment he hears a command and hears the click, it understands that it has to obey the command which it has learned. These include sit and stay. After that, it knows that it is going to get a pat of appreciation or a treat. This reflex psychology works wonders when you try to train your Beagle. Beagles would prefer treats, after they have been told that they have been “good dogs.”

Remember that if you are wondering about “what should I teach my Beagle?” training and teaching your Beagle would take just a little bit of consistent perseverance and lots of patience. But the results are going to be well worth it!

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