Beagle Clicker Training

Why is beagle clicker training considered to be one of the most popular and humane ways in which you can train your beagle properly?

Beagle Clicker TrainingYou want your beagle to obey all your orders and “stay” when you order it to stay and sit, do not you. That is why, you need to know all about why clicker training for dogs is one of the best ways in which you can train your dog to your own specification expectations.

What Are The Advantages Of Beagle Clicker Training?

  • A well-trained dog is a popular and happy dog. Also, the master knows that there is no question of its disobeying orders, when given once.
  • Clicker training methods are extremely easy to use. They do not use forceful and traumatic methods, to train your dogs to obey you.
  • Clickers are very easily available at any pet store. In fact, dogs get so used to the click, that they act reflexively and naturally, the moment they hear the sound.

So How Do You Start Beagle Clicker Training?

Clicker training for your dog needs to be started when it is still a puppy. A puppy has the average IQ of a two year old human child. It also has the concentration and interest level of a child at that age. It is going to be sidetracked with anything unusual and wonderful, so you would need to keep these clicker training sessions short.

Lots of love, appreciation and rewards are going to make your beagle bond with you. It will also know that you are the alpha dog of the family. So it will understand that you wanted to follow orders for the good of the “pack”. [family.]

Which Clicker Commands Should You Try Out First?

Just imagine a bewildered two-year-old child trembling with fear, because you are trying to make it do something, ordering it in a strange language, and in a loud voice. This is what you are doing to your beagle puppy, when you are training it. So, you need positive reinforcement, a soft yet firm voice, and lots of appreciation and “good boy,” which will help in the proper and systematic training of your puppy.

Start easy commands, like “sit”, “stay” etc.  Your beagle cannot understand human language. However, it is going to understand the tone of your voice. A grown-up beagle has the IQ of a 4 to 5-year-old child. That is why it is good to understand some words. These repeated words, like sit, stay, heel, are going to be understood by the beagle, when accompanied with clicks and rewards for a job well-done.

Puppies, especially beagle pups are very playful. And if you make their training sessions fun sessions without too much of impatient shouting, they are going to consider this training activity to be “Really Good Fun.” On the other hand, they are going to be terrified of you, if you shout at them, because they really do not understand what you want them to do.

So beagle clicker training can only be done with lots of perseverance and patience. The end results are going to be well worth it, with a happy, healthy, secure, well-adjusted and well-trained beagle.

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