Ideas for Beagle Names

Beagles are happy, curious, lovable, popular, gentle, sweet and playful which gives you great scope when searching for ideas for beagle names.

ideas for beagle namesThe most well-known beagle is, of course, Snoopy, of the comic strip Peanuts. This is a perfect beagle name but if you are looking for something more original, read on.

What’s In a Name?

A dog’s name should fit his or her personality, roll easily off the tongue and be a reflection of the taste of the owner too. Here are some ideas for beagle names and a few tips on choosing the right one.

  • Try it out for size first. Imagine yelling something like “Jedediah!” in the middle of a busy street. Names that are too long, too difficult to say and would probably become tiresome after a while are not good ideas for beagle names.
  • Repetition. Your dog’s name is going to be used thousands of times over a decade or more so choose one that is easy on the ear and repeatable without having you trip over your tongue every time you say it.
  • Play around with it. Consider the nicknames and short versions that formal names inevitably garner. For instance, we named our beagle Turkish Delight and he became known as Turk, Turkytoo, Turkey or Turkish, depending on the mood and who was calling him. I’m sure he developed a bit of a split personality.
  • Remember that dogs grow up. A cute name like Pookie would suit just about any puppy but would not suit many a grown up dog.
  • Rhyming woes. A name that rhymes too closely with commands could end up unnecessarily confusing your beagle, so stay away from anything that sounds too much like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘heel’  and ‘no’.

Great Ideas for Beagle Names

There are so many choices when it comes to dog names. There are girl names, boy names and unisex names.

  • Cute names. Names like Dixie, Harriet, Coco, Mocha, Pebbles, Candy, Chili and Birdie are all lovely names that are a bit different but not ridiculous. Any dog would be proud of one of these.
  • Dignified names. George, Buster, Portia, Carla, Chester, Red, Turk and Miranda are names that suggest character and personality. They are slightly more formal than most dog names, but still have a nice ring to them.
  • Silly names. There are endless variations of silliness when it comes to naming dogs. If that appeals to your taste, you can try something like Toodles, Pinky, Cuddles, Muffin or Snuggles.
  • Traditional names. Winston, Patches, Streak, Lucky, Charlie, Oscar, Rex, Jack, Champ, Gus, Brandy, Sheba, Buttons and Lady are all tried and tested doggy monikers that have endured over the years.
  • Unique names. If you don’t like the common or garden names that most dogs get saddled with you can try your hand at inventing something more unusual. Names like Buick, Cash, Corley, Zen, Bryson and Corsica are uncommon but not bizarre.

Have some fun with dog naming but remember the name you pick is going to be around for a long time. Let your dog’s character suggest ideas for beagle names and keep his dignity in mind.

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