Making Your Beagle Stop Being So Aggressive

Beagles, because they were bred as hunting dogs, make good guard dogs because they are efficient at alerting their owners about every single thing. However many owners may want to make their Beagle stop being so aggressive, specially if they growl or bark at other people.

Beating beagle aggression is a difficult process which may take a long time, depending on how much the beagle is still in tune with his hunting instincts. Below are some tips on how to manage beagle aggression and how to make your beagle stop with this behavior.

Assume the alpha role. Most beagles are aggressive because they think they’re in charge, and being aggressive is a way for him to tell everyone that he’s the alpha dog. To make your beagle stop this, you have to challenge him. No, you don’t need to fight him because there’s one thing you have that he needs: food. Control his eating times and relay to him in a firm tone that his eating schedule is in your hands. Basically, you have to assert your right to alpha status. When your pet finally accepts this, it can make the beagle stop being aggressive all the time, and on occasions that he’s aggressive, a little scolding from you will make him stop.

Making Your Beagle Stop Being so Aggressive around people

Make Your Beagle a People Person. To have your Beagle stop being aggressive, it’s recommended that it socializes with a lot of people. This is specially effective if your Beagle gets used to having people around even as a puppy. When you have friends or relatives around the house, make sure your Beagle becomes familiar with them. Your reaction towards these people will also help greatly. If your Beagle sees your positive reaction towards these people, it can make the beagle stop with his aggression. You only want your Beagle to not display aggression with certain people, and not take away its aggression entirely, because you still want your pet to be aggressive towards intruders and alert you during times of danger.

Respect Your Beagle’s property. Beagles can be very possessive, specially when it comes to their toys or food. The only way to make your beagle stop with this sort of behavior is to give him his own space, away from other people. Once you’ve established your alpha status to your Beagle, he won’t attack you if you take his food bowl or toys away, but he might still show aggression if other people do it. Give your beagle an area that’s his own, away from where he would be disturbed by other people. Beagles are specially aggressive while they’re eating and they may show this aggression to people who are simply passing by while he’s eating. To make your beagle stop showing aggression out of possessiveness, give him a place of his own where people won’t step on his toys or walk in on him eating.

Making your beagle stop being aggressive is actually easy, if you are in tune with its needs. Like people, they also want to feel secure and safe and only show aggression because they are scared or feel threatened.

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