Stop Beagle Growling

Are you looking for the best way to stop Beagle growling?

Stop Beagle GrowlingMany Beagle owners are rather surprised when their docile animals suddenly start to growl, and show their fangs, whenever their owners or other human beings approach them. This behavior is very surprising because beagles are considered to be among the most loving, affectionate and docile of dog types.

Why is your Beagle growling?

Just imagine that you approach your Beagle. It is guarding something, say, a child’s toy, or perhaps a piece of clothing. You want that item. It growls. You back off. That is because you are astonished and surprised at this unusual behavior. Some owners are even frightened, because they associate a growl with potential aggressive behavior.

Here are some reasons why your Beagle has started growling-

  • Growing beagles are marking out their own particular possessions. It is almost like a little child, saying “this toy is mine and I am going to scream if you take it away from me.”
  • Beagles are using their own psychology to intimidate you and to show that they are in charge
  • It is possible that he is afraid and this is his way of showing his fear. Has he been subjected to some incident, which makes him frightened of you? That is why the growling means “keep away or I am going to bite you if you come near me.”
  • Sometimes, growling is just a bid for attention. If that is so, ignore its growling and it will stop doing that.

Beagles may growl if they do not want to be disturbed when they are relaxing in one particularly cozy place. So if your Beagle growls when you try to pick him up, or when you approach him, look at the possibility of his knowing that he is going to be put into a box. Probably he knows that he is going to be moved because you want to vacuum that area. Or perhaps he is going to be locked up somewhere.

His mind has started to associate your approach with possible chaining, shifting or “imprisonment”. He is trying his best to prevent that from happening to him. So, if he growls and you “back away”, his mind immediately recognizes the fact that growling is one activity with which he can “control” you.

How Do You Stop Beagle Growling?

This is where you need a little bit of patience. You have to make your Beagle recognize the fact that you are not there to harm him. If it has started growling, while it is being house trained, you would need the help of a professional trainer to give you proper house training advice.

Puppy- proof your house by removing objects -which it can chew and destroy- from its vicinity. If it growls when you approach it, -especially if it is “guarding” some item-, pick up one of its favorite toys. Hunker down on its level and look it straight in the eye. Bring the toy close to its muzzle. Drop it in front of your Beagle and then walk away.

Try this at least two or three times a day to get your dog used to you. This will stop it from getting stressed the moment you approach it. It is going to understand that your approach means that it can look forward to something nice from you and you do not mean it any harm.

So now that you know all about these easy stop Beagle growling tips, use it to train your dog right away!

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