Teaching your Beagle Basic Commands

Teaching your beagle basic commands is necessary, because a well-trained dog is going to be a joy to have around for the rest of its days.

Teaching your Beagle  Basic CommandsBeagle training should start when the beagle is still a puppy. Some of the more experienced beagle trainer experts use a number of methods like clicker training, etc. this training method does not use any sort of force.

Points To Note While Teaching Your Beagle Basic Commands

  • Keep your training sessions short. Your puppy is just a baby. It is going to lose interest if you persist on training it for more than 10 min. in one session.
  • Do not shout at your Beagle. It is going to scare and confuse it.
  • Do not talk to it in a loud voice. That is going to intimidate it.
  • Do not hit your puppy. That is almost as bad as hitting a one-year-old baby, which did not understand what you wanted it to do.
  • Keep the commands consistent. Do not spend 20 min. every day this week trying to teach it “come” and then suddenly change thatĀ  command to “here, boy ” and expected to understand.

Make your Beagle understand what you want it to do-

Simple word commands are not going to confuse it. Imagine your Beagle to have a vocabulary of 30 to 40 words. The rest of the time, it looks at you trying to “read” your facial expressions and the tone of your voice. So if your Beagle has a proper understanding of the words spoken it will know what you want it to do. It will also know what you do not want it to do.

Remember that all dogs want a leader. They want to feel that they can trust the leader. They also want to feel that the leader is in control. That is why the training session has to be done by just one person. It is of no use, you training your Beagle for a couple of days and then losing interest. And then somebody else picks up the training, from where you left off. This is only going to confuse that poor little beagle puppy.

I would advise you to train your dog instead of sending it to dog obedience and training schools. Your dog may have learned to “sit”, “stay”, “heel”, and “come” from an experienced dog trainer. But is it going to follow the same commands when you speak them? I would not think so, because according to the dog, you are not the leader. It was that strange man in that strange school blowing the whistle, clicking, saying “good boy,” and giving it treats.

Teaching your Beagle Basic Commands- Body Language and Facial Expressions

Your Beagle has to learn your body language and facial expressions, before it learns words. So if it knows that you are happy with its actions, it is going to do those actions again and againĀ  to earn your appreciation and treats.

Remember that you have to earn your dog’s affection and respect. So once it understands that you intend to take the trouble to teach it, it is going to start respecting you. This is only going to be done through lots of patience. Also, you should know what you are doing. So- be consistent, but also make the training sessions fun. Do not make the dog think that it has to go through a boring routine, with a scary human shouting at it.

Teaching your dog basic commands is not difficult at all, and this can be done through lots of patience and perseverance. Keep your tone, body language, words and gestures consistent and you are soon going to have a very well-trained and happy Beagle.

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